Events during the Chapter:

July 1 – Opening of the Chapter

July 3 – Celebration of the Eucharist with Mons. Antonio Panfili,  Episcopal Vicar for Consecrated Life in the Diocese of Rome

July 4 – Presentation: “Youth and Vocations”  with Prof. Cecilia Costa, consultant for the Synod on Youth

  • Witness and Dialogue with the members of Lu&Gi

July 5 – Presentation: “Laity and Consecrated Life in the Church Today and in the Prospective Future” with His Excellency, Emidio Cipollone, Archbishop of Lanciano-Ortona

  • “Sharing a Journey” by members of the Association “Maestre Pie and Laity Together for the Gospel”

July 6 – Presentation: “The Challenges of Consecrated Life Today” with His Excellency, Josè Rodriguez Carballo, OFM, Secretary CIVCSVA (Sacred Congregation)

July 7 – Visit to L’Aquila

July 8 – Presentation by Mother General and by Sr. Teresa Tassoni

July 9-12 – Group Work

July 14 – Visit to Tarquinia

July 18 – Election of the General Superior

July 19 – Election of the General Councilors

July 22 – Closing of the Chapter

July 23 – Pilgrimage to Montefiascone