Our family of the Maestre Pie is born from the charismatic experience of its Founders. Lucy Filippini and Marc Anthony Barbarigo. They, touched by the Spirit, expand the love of the heart of Christ and share its compassion in particular towards the person ignorant of the things of God.

The specific aim of our Institute is therefore the charism of education, that is, the gift to re-expressing within the Church the mission of Jesus the Teacher.

The mystical component of our Charism consists in a rapport with God rooted in covenant and lived as spousal spirituality.

In the heart of the Church, on the pathways of a world characterized by pragmatic atheism, the Maestra Pia, understands her mission of consecrated apostle essentially as a “Trinitarian mission”, ordered in the plan of salvation. She realizes it comes from an experience of God which permeates her entire being in width and depth.

Aware that the first and most efficacious form of testimony is that of life witness, she lives the apostolic mission as a person, radiant with Christ and with his love.

In the plan of the Institute’s apostolate, the Maestra Pia re-discovers the heart of the educational style of the Gospel, a pedagogy of love and she understakes to express its aspects which render her teaching more alive and effective: the centrality of the person, the ability to listen, the openness to the young and the least, and patient expectation in the transformative action of the Spirit.

In order to respond to the needs of the mission, today, the Maestra Pia is inspired with renewed effort and creativity along the lines of reference which constitutes substantial fidelity to the original Charism:

  • The priority of education
  • The centrality of catechetical service
  • The formation and promotion of women
  • The communial dimension of apostolic action.