The goal of Formation  is to help the young ladies to discover and understand the identify of a MAESTRA PIA FILIPPINI, called by God to continue the ministry of Jesus, the Teacher, in the Church.


The time before Novitiate is a period which is organized as:

As a Vocational Youth Community…


The Vocational Youth Community is an educative reality in which adolescents and young women, open to the gift of vocation as a  Maestra Pia, find a welcoming and joyful environment, as well as the assistance necessary for the integral growth as a person.

In the Postulancy, the young women are helped to have a more demanding experience of gospel living. During this period, they mature with a free and generous response to the call of God and which also allows the Community to ascertain the authenticity of such a call.


The Novitiate is the period of integral initiation to the way of life chosen by the Son of God; it is the beginning of the process of assimilation of those sentiments in the spirit of the charism.


The goal of the Juniorate is to help the young Maestra Pia to form within her a personality rooted in the charism and to allow the possibility of verifying and deepening her vocational choice, in order to make it irrevocable.