Wishing to reconstruct Lucy’s message in modern terms risks altering them. In this our time, her words still resound alive andriche in efficacy.

In this way, she teaches us

  • to believe,
  • to hope,
  • and to love.

Her Faith

“I believe all the Catholic truths that the holy Church proposes for me to believe and I believe with a greater cetainty than if I were to see with my eyes and touch with my very own hands, because God has revealed it, who can neither deceive nor be deceived.”

“I infinitely enjoy having a God of infinite majesty and greatness who cannot be understood by me and who is so immense that I am able to adore and embrace Him in every place.”

These are thoughts that demonstrate that whem faith is difficult, it is conquered with joy and acceptance and does not ask, discuss or measure.

Her Hope

Il suo messaggio scende sulla nostra stanchezza e ci rinnova nella speranza. Al di là del tempo, dove regnano le creature con i loro limiti, c’è sempre Dio col suo onnipresente amore, la Sua misericordia: “Se mi mancassero tutti gli uomini, e mi vedessi derelitta e abbandonata da tutti i miei amici e parenti, spero non sarà per mancarmi mai il mio Dio, perché non può lasciare di essermi Padre!”

Her Charity

“I wish with my very own blood that all the truths of holy faith, all the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all the sacred Scriptures and all the Councils of the Church might be written, so that they might be impressed in the minds of men!”

“My God I desire that such a flame of love towards You might be lit within my breast that I might be consumed by it, so that You alone might live in me and be my very life!”

“I would wish to multiply myself in every corner of the earth to be able to cry out to all and to say to every people of every sex, of every age and condition: love God, love God!”

“O my God, why do You not make it so that I become many Lucys so that multiplying me I might be able moreover to spread Your glory everywhere?”

Thirst for souls and Martyrdom

Every man is called to salvation, so that the Word is like a seed carried by the wind: the Word which is Love and is the promise of eternal life.
“I would not spare any effort and would not hesitate to give my life a thousand times that God might be known by all people and perfectly believed by all heretics and loved by all sinners!”